Corporate, Group, and Private Classes

Corporate and Company Classes

Private Salsa Lessons in Taipei

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Bailalo is specialized in bring the fun and joy of dancing to people. Salsa is a recreational activity that helps people enjoy the fun of dancing while exercising.

We offer a 3-month corporate introductory course with carefully designed syllabus for people with little or no dancing experience.

Dancing is known to improve confidence, rewire neural circuitry in the brain, enhance muscular awareness, increase non-verbal communication skill with a real person, or it could be as simple as changing people’s posture.

Whether you would like work more efficiently in your office or boost the morale in the working environment, salsa is going to bring you a joyful experience. You can contact us here or call Yi-Wen (0901-341910) for more information and we will be happy to assist you!

Promotional or Company Events

Dancing is a great way to promote an event and we’re happy to offer dancing lessons for total beginners, for small or big groups! Feel free to contact us through our page, phone, or message us on Facebook. We will be happy to assist!

Private/Small Group Lessons

One of the best ways to learn how to dance, or improve your dancing is to take private lessons, and our instructors know exactly what you need to work on and how to help you.

Our instructors have an extensive experience in teaching salsa, and students who take private salsa lessons improve dramatically and benefit from every single private class.

Private lessons are usually one-hour sessions, and we can accommodate to your schedule. For more information about privates and booking, contact us here.