Our Classes

  • Drop-in or trial class: 450 NT
  • 8 class card: 3,200 NT (2,800 NT for students)
  • Additional discount is available for 12 classes: 4,300 NT (3,900 NT for students)
  • Unlimited Monthly Pass: 3,600 NT (3,200 NT for students)
  • Bailalo Sunday Social: 350 NT with one drink

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Salsa Lessons


Looking to learn and dance salsa in Taipei? we have exactly what you need!

NOTE: Our new Level 1 Salsa class starts on May 27th, 2023 and runs every Saturday at 3:00pm. Message us to sign up.

All of our classes are based on the New York On-2 Style Salsa, and if you have experience dancing salsa, we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect class for you! Drop by our studio in our Practica time (Wednesdays 8:40pm to 10:00pm) or leave us a message here. Here’s what Salsa means in our own students’ words:

Salsa Spinning Technique


In salsa, one of the toughest skill is to learn how to spin — however, once you master it, your level in salsa will improve dramatically and so will the amount of fun that you will have on the dance floor.

Our Spinning class is open to students of all levels, and we encourage both ladies and gentlemen to join us for a fun, challenging class; every Tuesday 7:30 to 8:30pm.


Bachata is a social dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. In our studio, we teach the pillars of partner Modern/Sensual Bachata.

Salsa Body Movement class in Taipei

Body Movement (Open Level)

Have you ever wondered why some dancers look so good on the dance floor dancing Salsa or Bachata, even when they do simple moves? The answer is Body Movement.

The fact is that turn patterns and moves can only take you so far — Body Movement is your ticket to becoming a real dancer, flowing and looking smooth on the dance floor.

Body Movement is taught by both Bailalo main instructors Maggie and Yi-Wen: Maggie teaches the ladies how to style and look good on the dance floor while following the men’s lead, and Yi-Wen teaches the gentlemen how to look manly and lead with the body.

This class is open to any salsero with basic understanding of Salsa steps.


Open Practica


Practica is an open space for our active students to drop by, practice salsa, meet and dance with all of our students and assistants.

Practica runs every Thursday, 8:40 to 10:00 pm and is free of charge. Our teachers and assistants will guide the practica and are more than happy to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions!

Bailalo Sunday Social

Bailalo Salsa Sunday Social Party

Don’t miss the biggest early Salsa Social Party in Taipei and a chance to dance with all of our students. This Social is meant for salseros who are serious about having fun. Dance early and go home early!

We encourage all of our students to come to our Sunday Socials — our students will welcome you to join us in our fun and friendly environment.

Our Sunday Social runs once a month. Party entrance is 350 NT with a drink.


Our Yoga lesson is fit for those who have already taken Yoga classes before or are comfortable with different postures.

A Slow Flow class taught by Lien, it’s perfect for those trying to achieve balance, strength, and stability through the practice of Yoga.